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Pollution Events Dashboard

RiverCare Group Te Wai o Pareira has been monitoring the awa since 2018. One of the major current sources of pollution are wastewater overflows from the sewage system.  Watercare have automated sensors installed on 7 of the 12 points where overflows can occur.  These sensors give notifications of when an overflow starts and ends.  Here is a list of the waste-water overflow events that we have been advised of since July 5 2022.  Overflows mostly happened when the system's flow capacity is exceeded during heavy rainfall events. The data shown below covers the overflows we are aware of.  Also included below are the Enterococci test results from August to November at various sites on the awa.

Number of Wastewater Overflows by Month.png
Wastewater Overflow Hours per Month.png
Wastewater Overflow Durations by Overflow Point.png
% Estimated Time with SafeSwim 'Black Flag'.png
Taipari Strand Pontoon Enterococci Test Results.png
Taipari Strand Boat Ramp Enterococci Test Results.png
Chapman Strand Boat Ramp Enterococci Test Data.png
Central Park Drive Bridge Enterococci Test Results.png
Tui Glen Enterococci Test Results.png
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