Election 2020

Candidate responses

Response from Scott Hindman

Green Party Candidate


What is your understanding of the challenges facing Te Wai o Pareira/Henderson Creek?

Te Wai o Pareira, named after Pare-ira an exceptional weaver & niece of the famous Toi te Huatahi, has always been an important waterway. It begins with water collected from Ngā Raupouamaki (The Waitākere Ranges) via Te Wai o Panuku & Wai Horotiu and connects this wai to Te Waitmatā.

Over the last few hundred years of development Te Wai o Pareira has become an urban "creek" surrounded by human development, roads, housing, industrial areas, and like many waterways in our country has often been used as a drain for waste & pollution. This awa faces many challenges, sediment run off, road run off, deliberate dumping of waste etc... Over time the awa's health has deteriorated and it has lost many of the ecosystems and life that it once supported. The Greens believe it is not too late to help restore the health & Mauri of our waterways like Te Wai o Pareira. Through education, good planning and positive government and local council support we will all once again be able to enjoy the benefits of living in a healthy environment.


Do you have an aspirational vision for the state of waterways in our community?

The Greens believe our kids have a birth right to swim in clean rivers, fish in the sea, and walk in pristine forests. Real prosperity means clean rivers, clean air, and thriving plants and animals. Personally I would like to see all waterways in Auckland treated as a taonga, valued by their communities, and respected as identities with their own rights, like Te awa Whānagnui.

Please find more information on the Green's environmental policy here:  https://www.greens.org.nz/environmental_protection_policy  


Here are a few excerpts from the policy:


Rivers should be clean enough to swim in

  • National environmental standards should limit pollution in waterways and aquifers. Wetland habitat should be protected from loss and pollution.

  • The number of dairy cows in sensitive catchments where nutrient pollution exceeds environmental standards should be reduced. Stock intensification should require a resource consent. Pollution standards should not allow grand-parenting at unsustainable levels.

  • There should be no public subsidies or support for large scale irrigation and water storage. Small-scale on-farm storage, including in wetlands, can be supported.

  • Commercial water users should pay a fair price for the use of water. No new water bottling plants should be established until their sustainability and overall benefit to New Zealand can be established.

Water should be managed sustainably in urban and rural areas

  • Water should remain publicly controlled and provided on a not-for-profit basis.

  • Stormwater and wastewater should be separated.

  • The Building Code should encourage rainwater collection and greywater recycling.

  • Pollution in urban waterways and harbours should be minimised


Does your party have a policy that will improve water quality in Te Wai o Pareira/Henderson Creek in the foreseeable future?

Yes. I believe having the Green Party at the Heart of the next Jacinda led Government will ensure real action on policies that will lead to our shared goals of healthy waterways. The more people Party Vote Green at this next election, the more Green MPs will get into Parliament, and when negotiating with other Parties the stronger voice they will have for creating real change.

A couple of other Green policies that will help to create this change, and that your group may be interested in are these:


Community & Voluntary sector Policy:  https://www.greens.org.nz/community_and_voluntary_sector_policy

The Green Party supports a strong, independent Tangata Whenua, Community & Voluntary sector contributing to enhance Aotearoa New Zealand’s social, environmental, cultural, physical, spiritual, and economic well-being. 


Local Government Policy: https://www.greens.org.nz/local_government_policy

Local government is essential to democracy. The actions of local governments should enhance the social, environmental, cultural, and economic well-being of the communities they serve


Does your party have any policy around investment in the sewerage and stormwater networks in Te Atatu/Massey areas? 

The Green Party supports investment in infrastructure needed to create healthy water ways. How this is done needs to be decided by those directly affected, and so if in government the Greens would like to offer more support and funding to help councils and local boards deal with these issues. 

In West Auckland we are lucky to have Green elected representatives in local government organisations. In our area we have Jessica Rose sitting on the Whau local Board, and Saffron Toms & Mark Allen sitting on the Waitākere local Board. Unfortunately we have not managed to get a councillor yet, but we're working on it!


I truly believe that the best way you can support both our people, planet and our awa, is to give your Party Vote to the Greens this election.


If you would like to know anymore about the Green Party's vision for the future of Aotearoa, please check out our Green initiatives here: https://www.greens.org.nz/policy_election_initiatives_2020


Once again thanks for this opportunity, and on behalf of the Green Party I would like to thank your group Te Wai o Pareira for all the mahi you are doing to help restore this beautiful awa.

Ngā mihi

Scott Hindman

Green Party Candidate for Te Atatū