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Improving the Mauri of Te Wai o Pareira

Ko tātou te awa - We are the awa


Working together for Te Wai o Pareira’s wellbeing

At River Care Group, we are on a mission to restore the wellbeing of Te Wai o Pareira. Although described as a disturbed environment, we passionately believe that this waterway and its surrounding communities could and should enjoy cleaner, healthier water. The health of the awa is intrinsically linked to the health of our community and the abundance of animal and plant life that surrounds it. We have made it our mission to restore the mauri, the lifeforce of Te Wai o Pareira.

Our work in action

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Speaking for the awa

Advocacy is a crucial part of our mahi that is rarely seen.


Pollution data

Collecting data gives us information about what is occurring over time in our awa.



Learn about and perhaps join us in our conservation and restoration efforts.


Latest News

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