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Te Atatū Peninsula Stormwater Project

Te Atatū Peninsula stormwater upgrade

Auckland Council


The Te Atatū Peninsula Stormwater Upgrade is a crucial project set to revolutionise the infrastructure in Te Kūiti Te Atatū. With a $30 million investment, this initiative aims to extend the network for new housing developments, bolster resilience against flooding, and offer existing properties the chance to connect to the main network. The project includes the construction and enhancement of underground pipelines, connections to existing outfalls, and the integration of nature-based solutions, promoting water soakage and filtration through increased planted areas. 

Rivercare Group Presentations

This presentation was used to summarise Rivercare Group Te Wai o Pareira's views on the proposed Auckland Council (Healthy Waters) $30M stormwater upgrade project in Te Atatu Peninsula.  The presentation contrasts the project scope with the stated policies of Auckland Council with regard to freshwater projects and also highlights that the receiving environments for the new high peak flow stormwater flows do not appear to have been taken into consideration.  This appears to be in direct conflict with the formal council policy.

This presentation was given to the Henderson Massey Local Board on 28th November and highlights some of the key activities that we are undertaking and seeks to gain the support of the Board for two things:  Amendments to the scope of the Te Atatu Peninsula Stormwater Upgrade project to take into account the receiving environments and secondly their support for our work with school children to enable connection to the natural environment, matauranga Māori principles and environmental principles for restoring a local reserve. 

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