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The Rivercare Group - Our Values

  • To have the well-being of the awa as central to all our activities

  • To maintain respect, integrity, compassion and transparency in all our endeavours

  • To embody and respect Tikanga Maori

How we began

Our Rivercare Group was conceived in early 2019 from a growing sense of concern about the well-being of our much loved awa - Te Wai o Pareira /Henderson Creek/Huruhuru

A poorly managed and significant untreated sewage discharge into the Huruhuru Creek in October 2018 galvanised us into ac[on.

We held our first public meeting in February 2019. From this our Rivercare Group formed and has grown considerably since then. We have been busy building our organisation, growing our understanding, networking and progressing numerous initiatives. Currently we have 10-15 active volunteers, 160 individuals on our mailing list and over 580 members in our Facebook Group.

RiverCare Initial Meeting Feb 19.jpg

Who is involved

Check out Our Team page to see who is involved.


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