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Empowering Young Minds

Education Initiatives

Our Commitment to Education

At Rivercare, we believe in the power of education to shape a sustainable future. Our engagement with children involves bringing them to our reserve to explore and embrace the principles of Mātauranga Māori and conservation. In 2022, 455 children participated in this eye-opening program, fostering a connection to their local environment and instilling a sense of environmental responsibility.

Collaborating with Matipo Primary:

Through our program, children actively engage with nature and experience the principles of Mātauranga Māori. They participate in activities such as growing seedlings and planting which encourages a different world view that recognises the importance of nature and natural processes. This approach deepens their understanding of the interconnectedness between water, wildlife, and native forests and ultimately our connection to it all.  These principles will set a different mind set from pure economic benefit as the purpose of our existence.



Nau mai, haere mai Matipo Primary School!

We are delighted to be joined in our restoration efforts by Matipo Primary School students, who are now growing harakeke/flax seedlings to be planted in future stages of the Tawa Esplanade Restoration project. A massive thank you to the teachers and to Wild About Te Atatū and Te Atatū Marae for making this a rich learning experience for the tamariki. We welcome community involvement, if you would like to be involved please get in touch here.


Matipo Primary School's Te Puāwaitanga o te Wairua students are raising harakeke seedlings from seeds sourced at Tawa Esplanade. Harakeke seeds take a very long time to germinate so the tamariki had to practise patience as well as kaitiakitanga!


Our budding naturalists tried two different methods of seed raising to see which was more effective. Some seeds were soaked overnight in water, some weren't. Which method worked better?

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