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How you can help

Young people making a difference
Clean up results
Who dumps a lounge chair here?
Helping our awa together
Cleanup Kyak
Everyone can help!
Hard but rewarding work
The results of our work
Working together

Community Liaison - Communicate and collaborate with community groups working in the local environmental space

Water Quality - 'Eyes on the river'. Actively monitor the river and the contributing sewerage and storm-water network.  Regular water testing.

Iwi Liaison - Building relationships with local iwi and embodying tikanga Maori in our work

Funding Applications - seeking out and applying for funding so we can progress the goals of the RiverCare Group.

Administration - building systems to ensure the effective operation of our group.

Advocacy - Advocate for the Awa with the community, Auckland Council and Government Agencies.

Publicity - Promote our mahi through branding, social media and other media including newspaper, radio, pamphlets, signage

History - Build a resource that focuses on the history of the awa.

Practical Help - Assist with River Clean-ups and riparian planting.

Research - Gather and collate data

Legal - assist us to develop an understanding of the legal framework we need to work within.  Purse legal avenues where appropriate.

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