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Response from Sunil Kaushal, received 21/9/22

Kia ora,


Thank you for your patience as I navigate through emails. Thank you also for giving me the opportunity to share my thought in a very important issue.


To answer your questions:


  • What you will do, if elected to represent the communities of Henderson, Massey, Te Atatū and Te Atatū Peninsula with regards to these issues?


  • If you will offer written support for our Charter by return email.


  • I have been out and about helping like minded community groups clean up our awa in Henderson-Massey. I am really disappointed to see so much rubbish and inconsiderate actions of a minority that is damaging our environment. The raw sewage, the lack of prioritisation from agencies to protect our environment is very frustrating.

  • Cleaner Henderson-Massey is one of my polices and you can read all about it on We need to protect our environment and creeks for our children and their children. You can also view what my son and his friend thinks on the environment in this video

  • I will support your cause because it is our cause.



Sunil Kaushal

Independent Candidate for Henderson-Massey Local Board

Independent Candidate for Waitakere Licensing Trust (Henderson Ward)

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