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Te wai o pareira.
is it safe?

Rivercare Te Wai o Pareira Charter

What is the problem?

Te Wai o Pareira (Henderson Creek) is a much loved awa in West Auckland suffering from frequent wastewater overflows that put the health of our environment and our community at risk. This is caused by a lack of capacity in the sewerage network managed by Watercare, and is exacerbated by increasing population density and heavy rainfall events. Watercare’s proposed solution will not address these issues until 2036. This is unacceptable to our community.


Why is it important?

Te Wai o Pareira is frequently used by the surrounding community, including a number of clubs, community groups and the public for recreation. For tāngata whenua, cultural identity and sustenance is linked to and drawn from the mauri / life force of the awa. 


Large volumes of sewage in our awa can cause gastrointestinal illnesses, respiratory diseases and eye/ear/nose/throat infections in people who have direct contact with the water (e.g. swimming), as faecal pathogens carry bacteria and viruses. In 2021 alone, the water quality of Te Wai o Pareira exceeded the Ministry of Health safe guidelines 17 times, and in several of those instances exceeded their measurable limit (more than 80 times over the guidelines).


Rivercare Group Te Wai o Pareira (RGTWoP) want Watercare to:

  • Prioritise works that will reduce raw sewage overflows into Te Wai o Pareira and its tributaries. 

  • Identify and implement measurable short and medium term solutions that will reduce raw sewage overflows into Te Wai o Pareira by 2028.

  • Design and accelerate Stage 4 / 5 of the Northern Interceptor project (scheduled for 2036) to ensure less than two raw sewage overflows per annum into Te Wai o Pareira. 


What can you do?

  • Raise this issue with your local Councillors and MPs using our template letters: 

  • Vote for candidates that support our charter in local body and government elections coming up in 2022 and 2023 respectively.

  • Attend public meetings and events organised by RGTWoP, and sign up to our newsletter below, to stay informed and show your support.

  • Look up our handy tips for reducing pressure on the wastewater network on our website:

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