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Watercare Wastewater Network Strategy - Rivercare Submission

What is the Wastewater Network Strategy?

Watercare has a Network Discharge Consent document, which was issued by Auckland Council in 2014 for a 35 year period.  Its purpose is to protect the health of Auckland's communities and environment (such as beaches and waterways) by setting performance standards for the wastewater (sewage) network.

This document authorises an average of two overflows per year from Engineered Overflow Points [EOP], or if that is not practical, an Alternative Discharge Frequency [ADF] based on the best practicable option.  Te Wai o Pareira has 18 EOPs and each of these are permitted to overflow twice per year.

However, the manhole at Taipari Strand that overflows the most frequently of any into Te Wai o Pareira is NOT classified as an EOP and therefore does not have an authorised overflow target.  Frequent high volume overflows occurring at this location are not subject to the direct controls for EOPs under the Watercare Network Discharge Consent, but Watercare are required to rectify this situation and document this in the Wastewater Network Strategy [WWNS].

The WWNS sets out what Watercare are planning to do over a six year period  to address these issues.  The current document is due to be finalised in 2023 and is out for public consultation until 20th December 2022.

So, if any group such as Rivercare Group Te Wai o Pareira wishes to stimulate change to the strategy that has been in place for the last 6 years, now is the opportunity. 

What has Rivercare Group been doing?

We are very fortunate to have Dr Peter Nelson as a trustee of Rivercare Group. Peter is a retired environmental scientist with a background in forensic science and years of experience making applications under the Resource Management Act.

Peter has spent hundreds of hours poring through over 10,000 pages of Watercare Documentation and has developed a thorough understanding of the Watercare Wastewater Network as it relates to Te Wai o Pareira.  This has enabled us to prepare a comprehensive 48 page submission to Watercare, which was presented to them on 21st November 2022. 

Click here to read our submission

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