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Fast Track Bill

What is the Fast Track Bill?

The Coalition Government proposed the Fast Track Consenting Bill with a Select Committee currently hearing public submissions in May 2024. The Bill proposes to remove the right of affected parties to be heard in the consenting process for land disturbing projects such as mining, forestry, infrastructure works such as roading, water (waste, storm and potable water), energy and building. The result will be the removal of longstanding individual, community and Māori rights provided by historic and current legislation.

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Threat to affected party protection under the proposed fast track consenting proposal

The Rivercare Group Te Wai O Pareira has reviewed historic records and legislation regarding the catchment of Te Wai o Pareira/Henderson Creek. These findings emphasise that affected parties have had regulatory protection for 150 years, which the proposed Fast Track Consenting Bill threatens to remove. This Bill, currently under review, aims to eliminate the right of affected parties to be heard in land-disturbing project consents, undermining longstanding individual, community, and Māori rights.

Submission to the New Zealand
Parliament - Fast Track Approvals Bill

This submission to the New Zealand Parliament from the Rivercare Group Te Wai o Pareira raises concerns about the Fast Track Approvals Bill. Without thorough environmental assessments the long-term degradation of Te Wai o Pareira (Henderson Creek) will worsen over time.

March for Nature: Rivercare Members Stand Against Environmental Attacks

On Saturday, June 8th, a broad coalition of environmental and community groups gathered at Aotea Square, Queen Street, for the "March for Nature." This peaceful protest aimed to highlight and oppose the current government's actions that threaten environmental protections in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Our Rivercare members were proud to be part of this significant event. Representing our commitment to protecting waterways and the environment, our team marched alongside thousands of like-minded individuals and organisations. We captured some powerful moments from the day, which we are excited to share.


The March for Nature was a significant step in rallying public support against the government’s perceived disregard for environmental protection. By marching, participants sent a powerful message advocating for the preservation of Aotearoa’s natural heritage and the democratic principles that safeguard it.

Our Rivercare members played a vital role in this unified stand for the environment. We are inspired by the turnout and the collective voice of those who care deeply about our planet's future.

These photos capture the spirit and energy of the day, showcasing our commitment to fighting for a sustainable future.

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