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Love our Awa - 7th April 2024

On Sunday April 7th, our community came together for a memorable experience during the 'Love our Awa' Guided Walk. Over 30 enthusiastic individuals joined us on a journey along our awa.

Starting from the Taipari Strand, our group embarked on a path that led us through the Towai grove, a precious remnant of native forest that serves as a testament to the richness of our land's heritage. As we continued our exploration, we reached Renata Esplanade, treated to breathtaking views of Te Wai o Pareira, a sight that left us in awe of nature's grandeur.

Our final destination was Tawa Esplanade, where we witnessed firsthand the ongoing restoration efforts that our community has been diligently working on. It was inspiring to see the progress and dedication put into preserving and enhancing our natural environment.

During the walk, we conducted a bird count and were delighted to observe 27 different species, highlighting the incredible biodiversity thriving in our region. This discovery was not only exciting but also a testament to the importance of conservation efforts in safeguarding our local ecosystems.

We extend our  gratitude to everyone who participated in this event, contributing to its success and making it a memorable day filled with shared experiences and newfound knowledge. Special thanks to our event sponsors, the Henderson-Massey Local Board and The Trusts, whose support made this meaningful journey possible.

As we reflect on the 'Love our Awa' Guided Walk, we carry with us a deeper appreciation and love for Te Wai o Pareira, reaffirming our commitment to preserving and restoration. Stay tuned for more exciting events and initiatives.

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